"A man dumps the body of a girl in a ditch. The body rots; Melts into slime. Flowers pop up where the body lies, seeds fly out of the flowers, and a bee sucks the flowers and makes honey. And then the family of the girl buys the honey from the store. And the family eats the girl."

Isa, 17, NYC, Just trying to have fun!

This is my personal film/art blog


Anonymous said: Cosima*

Literally who cares?

A moment of science for beyonces corn rolls

eonfigure said: So you like cum on tits?

My days is going fine thx for asking! It started of slow, I went to the library and worked on my college essay. I had pesto on spaghetti for dinner and now I’m watching orphan black !

Anonymous said: Hey Isa, youre very wonderful. But I wanted to ask what happened to Charlotte?

She deleted her blog to take up eating my ass full time

Anonymous said: isa like I just wanted to say that you are so lovely and wow you make the world 347% times better ily

I love you !

I would look so good with a cigarette tbh but my lungs are not worth the #aesthetic or the #addiction

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I apologize for all the pictures but I felt wonderful and happy today so I wanted to document it. Even though I don’t look happy in this picture, I am gleaming with joy from within. β™‘ ❀ β™‘
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Anonymous said: tumblr user euo = cute as frick

i love this math!

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“I like these calm little moments before the storm. It reminds me of Beethoven. Can you hear it? It’s like when you put your head to the grass and you can hear the growin’ and you can hear the insects. Do you like Beethoven?”
Léon: The Professional (1994) dir. Luc Besson
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